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Will Steve Jobs release push notifications service in Macworld 2009?

In Technology on December 3, 2008 at 2:32 pm

Apple Push Notification

It was supposed to come out “sometime in September“. But we haven’t hear a word since then from Apple. In fact, Apple pulled the push notification API out of 2.1 developer beta “for further development” and didn’t even put it back in for 2.2. . So will Apple fulfill their promise? 3 months late is still better than never for the 13 million iPhones out there. What is holding Apple back?

Let’s hear your thoughts!

  1. If El Jobs brings it out, AIM will be heaven for my friends with iPhone. As a BlackBerry fan, competition is good ! Consumers always win when that takes place!

  2. I need this so bad!

  3. Funny how Steve Jobs made such a big promise that he couldn’t even keep……..

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